See. Hear. Touch. Feel.

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What is the Hyperdeck?

The Hyperdeck is a turn-key Virtual Reality attraction that combines multi-sensory effects with incredible content for the most immersive experience on the planet.

Motion Floor

From the rumbling of a spaceship launch to exploring other worlds on a hover craft, attractions have never felt this real before.

360 Wind

Feel the rush of a missile fly right by you, or the gentle breeze as you float in a hot air balloon.

Hyper P.I.C.

Phycial Interactive Components provide realtime force feedback and are skinned to look like anything in the virtual world.


Scents dispensed at key moments provide even further immersion and memorable moments for your guests.

Even spectators can play along

There is never a dull moment around the Hyperdeck. A large HD display provides a spectator view of all the action happening inside the Hyperdeck. And with our interactive spectator add-on, curious guests waiting their turn can pick up a controller and play along with those in Virtual Reality.

Experiences for Everyone

Change the game from horror, to shooter, to puzzle adventure all with the press of a button, appealing to a diverse demographic.

All games and effects are meticulously integrated, providing unique and rich immersion for all types of players.



Max Players 4
Length 15'
Width 15'
Height 10'
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